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Welcome to My Blog

Hi friend,

Wanted to do a quick introduction for all my new followers. First and foremost, welcome welcome welcome, I'm happy your here and the divine light connected us. My hope is that the daily posts bring you happiness, inspiration and hope.

I want you to know that I'm truly happy your here, my life's dedication is to help, be there for those when they feel the most vulnerable, defeated etc. I'm here to tell you that your not alone, I see you, I applaud you and encourage you to continue/begin journey.

A little about me, I'm a mommy, true animal lover, advocate for all, entrepreneur and true lover of life and all beings. Once you get to know me, you know that I'm truly authentic, real, raw, funny (I think) and compassionate. You are here for a reason, I hope this page brings you what you need, the smile pick me up, the giggle, inspiration etc. welcome my friends 🤍
My practice provides counseling and coaching, clopanetherapy.com - when/ if you decide to make the powerful commitment to psychotherapy just know, whether it's me, my practice or a colleague, we are honored to be apart of your journey, when you grow, we all grow. Its powerful work I get to do each and every day and not a moment goes by that I'm not grateful you chose me and my practice 🤍 

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