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3 Tips for Strengthening Your Marriage

How can we reconnect and strengthen your marriage?

Below are my three tips on ways to strengthen your relationship with your significant other:

  1. Create couples rituals; whether it’s a date night, a check-in or having morning coffee together, rituals help to provide structure, which in hands creates security, and bonds that are essential for successful relationships.
  2. Disconnect from work, the phone, and others to spend some alone quality time together with your significant other. Setting limits to the amount of time spent on the phone or work can help lower and elevate stress levels and allows quality time to be spent solely with your significant other. So step away from the phone, shut it down and spend some time together where you can connect and feel the happiness that brought you two together originally.
  3. Do something fun, spontaneous and adventurous together. Step out of your comfort zone and have a new adventure or experience together. This helps to strengthen your bond while experiencing and enjoying something new together. 

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