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Motherhood, cheer it on

Let's talk about being a new mother.

New mommy alert here! I've been blessed to become a mother 4 months ago to my little dude, Skye. This has been an adventure, there's been times I've felt the most happiness a human can even feel and times where I've felt confused and alone. All in which are completely normal during this motherhood transition. I'm so grateful for this gift, and although hard at times, love every single second of motherhood.

I am so proud to be part of this generation of mothers. We are open and honest about the hard stuff, the stuff that mothers didn't talk about before, mental health, postpartum, stress, anxiety and depression. The stuff that I've been talking about for years in my practice and professional life, but now experience in my own. This generation of mothers is supportive through the hard stuff and we've proven over and over again motherhood is not a competition. It's so much better together, it's take a village, and I thank all the mothers out there supporting one another. If your a mother you know I support you, you know I applaud you, you know I'm so proud.

My wish for this blog is that you today acknowledge the goddess that you are as a mother and thank yourself for the amazing job your doing.

Take a moment to yourself for this exercise, because especially as a mom I know mom you deserve this.

Sit in a quiet room, think about your day, think about how you multitasked 50 things, think about all the work you did, think about the hard decisions you made, think about the running around, the errands, the poopy diapers, the feedings, the lack of sleep or naps and how you don't remember if you ate today. Think about it all for a moment, and then begin to thank yourself. Thank your body for being able to physically accomplish all that you did today. Thank your mind and your brain for somehow keeping it all together during chaos and sleep deprivation. Thank your mom for teaching what true love is. Most importantly thank your little. Thank your little for choosing you for this important job, for trusting you with there life. Thank your little for the smiles, for the giggles, for the looks of love in your direction, thank them for being part of you and you being part of them, thank them for showing you the true meaning of unconditional love and bringing you to life. Thank them for the awe moments, that literally take your breathe away with happiness because of your them.

At the end of this, get up, hold you baby, and just look them in the eyes, see the love, see the admiration, and realize that mom, your doing a great job, and your little thanks you, I thank you. So although it's hard, I promise you it's the most important job you will ever have, and your so appreciated for your love. Your a rock star mama, rock on ma ❤️

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