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The Power of Positive Self Talk and Mantras

Have you heard of mantras, positive self talk or affirmations? Do you know the power and strength behind them?

Not only do they change negative self talk to positive self talk, they also literally change the wiring in our brains to new positive patterns and thoughts. They help with self confidence, focus and even interpersonal relationships.

Below I've created a list of some of my favorite mantras, positive statements, affirmations. Feel free to use any below, as well as I encourage you to create your own unique mantras. You can either use a new one each day, or stick with one for a week or even a month, whatever works for you. Enjoy friends, namaste


  1. I am enough. Always.

  2. I am love.

  3. I am loving.

  4. I am loved.

  5. I trust in the person I am.

  6. I am kind to myself.

  7. I make time to look after myself.

  8. I deserve love and respect.

  9. I am strong and capable.

  10. I have a lot to offer the world.

  11. I work hard and know my worth.

  12. I have many skills to offer.

  13. I place value on the experience I have, and my ability to learn and grow more.

  14. I have the inner strength to navigate challenges at work.

  15. I have my own definition of success.

  16. I take pride in the work I do.

  17. Work is an important part of my life but it is not my sole purpose or passion.

  18. When I work, I apply myself with focus and positivity.

  19. I take time to rest after working hard.

  20. I am reliable, responsible and respected at work.

  21. There is always a place in the world for my creativity.

  22. I share what I create with pride and grace.

  23. The world wants more of what I have to offer.

  24. There is always a place in the world for what I create and make.

  25. I am passionate about my creativity.

  26. My creativity has a purpose in my life and in the world.

  27. My life is fuller when I make time and space for my creativity.

  28. I keep my eyes, ears and heart open for creative inspiration.

  29. Living a creative life is important to me; it makes me a healthier, happier person

  30. I focus on what I can control and I let go of what I can't

  31. I love my beautiful mind.

  32. I invest in myself through big and small acts of self-care and self-love.

  33. My inner strength knows no bounds.

  34. I breathe in energy and love, I exhale negativity and doubt.

  35. I take time to know my needs, limits and boundaries better.

  36. Good mental health is a journey, not a destination.

  37. My mental health is just as important as my physical health.

  38. I'm not ashamed or alone in having mental health struggles.

  39. I look after my mental health because it deserves my love.

  40. I am always stronger than I look and feel.

  41. I walk tall and am proud of who I am.

  42. My body is my best friend.

  43. When I eat well, exercise and get enough sleep, I am investing in myself.

  44. I am proud of all my body does for me, every single day.

  45. I listen to what my body needs.

  46. I do not compare my body to other peoples' bodies.

  47. I love what my body is capable of doing now and in the future.

  48. I am thankful that my body is both beautiful and strong.

  49. I use my body with love, pride and care.

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