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How To Build Self-Compassion in Westchester, NY

What is self- compassion? How do you define self-compassion?

I see self-compassion and self-love as intertwined in many ways. The easiest way to define self-compassion is being kind towards oneself, especially in times of pain, suffering and personal shortcomings.

The three tips on practicing self-compassion in psychotherapy that I often share are Mindfulness, self- kindness, and connectedness. Below, I want to briefly explore each with you.

Mindfulness vs. over-identification with thoughts.

Self-kindness vs. self-judgment.

Common humanity/ connectedness vs. isolation.

What is mindfulness? Well, if you know me, you know I'm a huge advocate of mindfulness. Mindfulness can simply be defined by living in the moment, this very moment, worrying less about the past and the future, the what if, focusing on the here and now. Mindfulness is intertwined with self- compassion by recognizing when one is stressed or struggling without being judgmental and or overreacting.

Self- kindness is as simple as being supportive and understanding of one's self during difficult times rather than being critical of self. Acknowledging this is a time of suffering, and this to shall pass.

Lastly, connectedness is remembering and recalling that everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect, read that again, everyone makes mistakes; no one is perfect, acknowledging this allows one to not feel alone or isolated, rather understood.

Self- Compassion helps to build self-esteem, self-love, happiness, positive responses and reactions, personal awareness, curiosity and exploration, wisdom, interpersonal skills and an overall boost of optimism.

I encourage everyone to begin to become more mindful of one's self- compassion and begin to practice more and more each day in your daily lives to improve your life in a positive way.

New Day Vitality Psychotherapy offers intuitive authentic therapy in Westchester NY, using a custom-tailored approach to each person. I truly believe that each person is unique and deserves what fits them, not one size fits all.

If your seeking psychotherapy, give us a call today, we are honored to discuss and help.

Self-Esteem Building

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