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Today you are one step closer to a new you where
you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth
and well-being.
I believe that every person has the right to a fulfilling
life. We experience different karmic cycles in life and
sometimes just feel stuck.
The fact that you're on this page now,
shows that
you're in need for change and you're in the right
Therapy can be hard,
but finding your therapist shouldn't be.
I am not your typical therapist, very much outside the
box, I meet you where you are and provide you space
for your growth and healing.
I provide you my authentic true compassionate self so
that you feel confident to explore your feelings in my
healing space. Let's uncover your inner wisdom, transform limiting
beliefs, discover your true self and empower you to
the warrior you are, I got you
 Let's discover or
rediscover your Superpowers.

Your experts in Anxiety, Empowerment, Empaths, Self-Esteem Work and Perinatal Treatment.

The Lotus Flower

A Flower With True Divine Meaning

The lotus flower is a stunning flower to see up close. It's hard to imagine that such a beautiful flower flourishes among a murky pond that's dirty, muddy and bleak. But the breathtaking flower shows us that beauty, resilience & strength can exist anywhere, even in the most darkest, ugliest places. This powerful flower is associated with spirituality, growth and vitality. New Day Vitality is honored to be apart of your journey, and like the lotus, through hardships, we want to help you grow, develop, flourish and be the best, strongest version of you. With every hardship comes ease, strength and inspiration. Like the lotus, you to shall flourish.

You rock! Start your new chapter today.

Begin your journey with New Day, let today be your New Day to wellness


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In response to COVID-19 and efforts to flatten the curve & keep everyone healthy and safe at this time the office is offering all Telehealth sessions.





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